Creomobile Editor - prepare content easily!

You could create the content of your own application!
From another prayer book to whatever you want.

Simply you could make a catalog of things (ex. cars, cities, prayers) and order them into categories (types for cars, countries for cities).

It will be compiled, packaged and published on this page.
Content you provide must be licensed under Creative Commons CC-BY 3.0 License.

Editor for Windows:
Editor for Linux x86:
Editor for Linux x86_64:
Editor for MacOSX:

Editor requires Java Runtime Environment installed.

My First Application Tutorial

Download the screencast. This screencast could be watched with VideoLAN Player

  1. Unpack downloaded file (cated-yourplatform.
  2. Run cated.exe from cated directory
  3. Double click on project in Project Explorer
  4. Double click on sample.catalog
  5. Use the arrow to expand Document root node
  6. Click on the Catalog node
  7. Use the Properties View on the bottom for editing main application properties:
    • Author - name of the author, webpage (John Smith)
    • Copyrights - copyrights, license (CC-BY)
    • Id - short identifier (one word) (ex. myapplication)
    • Title - full name (ex. My Application)
    • Version - application version (ex. 1.0)
  8. You could now change existing items, add new categories and items.
  9. Adding category: click RMB (Right Mouse Button) on the Catalog node, select New Child->Category, then select just created Category and give it a name in Properties View
  10. Adding item: Click on node Category, click RMB and select New Child->Item. Select just created Item, then go to Item View on the right side and change the properties in Properties View:
    • Title - name or title of given thing (ex. Warsaw for cities catalog)
    • Intro - short intro text for given thing (ex. Capital of Poland)
    • Content - content of given thing (ex. Description of Warsaw, prayer content, recipe)
  11. Enjoy!

Contact me by the contact form, when your application content will be ready. We will try to publish it.