About us

We develop Catholic Applications, in a few languages.

The Idea that dictated the born of this project was the creation of a Mobile Rosary for mobile devices.
Nowadays we have a version of the Mobile Rosary for Java phones, Iphone, IPad and Android.

We've also a Mobile Prayer Book, an multi-language app for Iphone, Ipad, Android, java phones, as well as webapp (http://m.creocode.com)

We've several other app's if you're curious visit us at Creocode.com

We're in this for several "whys":
- Spread the Gospel;
- Mitigation of our sins;
- To accumulate wealth on the other life: instead of get payed on this life by the people, we prefer later :D

Why people want to use our applications:
- God Is. Want to talk with Him or some of His friends?
- Remember or Learn some prayers;
- Have a prayerbook where they go, if you travel, go out a weekend or on the train;
- It is easier to carry than a book
- Infinite: you can give it to 1000 friends and still have your own;

The core team consist of:
Artur Polit - project founder, since 2007
Joao Arcanjo - since 2010

[Here goes the list of all people involved through years]