Mobile Java (J2ME) Apps

  1. Manually
    • Directly to phone using web connection: type link of the file ending with "jad" in the address bar of your mobile phone browser and accept.
    • To the computer then to the phone: Download the files ending with "jad" and with "jar". Place them on the memory card or in the internal phone memory and then open them using phone file browser.
    • You could also use the software provided by the phone manufacturer for the apps installation
  2. Using mobile codes (Quick Read)

    Please visit to learn about different mobile codes reader and how to install them. Then scan the code attached with each application on this site.


Go to Settings->Applications, check Unknown sources. Download apk file typing its address in the adddress bar of the web browser. After download is finished click on the apk file entry on the downloads list.

You could also check some online tutorials: